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The Problem With Tastings

Written by
Jon and Bianca
May 15, 2022

How frustrating is it to spend a ton of money to work with a big tasting agency without getting any results to show for it?

I’m going to show you a really ingenious way to perform tastings without wasting your money. With this new approach to tastings, you transform each interaction with customers into multiple shots at making the sale. That’s why you get far better results.

With traditional tasting agencies, you only get one shot at a sale – during the tasting itself. This is an outdated format with a very high cost per tasting. It’s common to spend more on the tasting than you make on bottles sold.

One Shot Buckshot

We’ve solved the problem of tastings that cost more than their worth with two simple ideas.

  • Hyper Personalization

We create a connection between your product and your tasters that big agencies simply can’t accommodate. They’re too big and generic to be effective. This way we create an authentic connection between your product and your customers that’s simply unmatched.

  • Buckshot

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping everyone buys after the first sip, we give you multiple touch points to make a sale even after the customer leaves the tasting. With more opportunities to connect with your customers, you’re guaranteed to make more sales. Big agencies just give you one shot. We give you Buckshot.

If this is making sense, we’ve got everything covered. We’ll manage your tastings and make sure your product specialists have the tools they need to promote your products both during the tasting and after.

Forget about paying hundreds of dollars for a one-shot tasting. Remember, when working with us, that tasting isn’t over when the customer leaves.

We give you multiple shots at the sale. That’s why you’ll sell more with our Triple Shot Marketing system.

If you liked today’s marketing tip you’re going to love what I’ve got for you tomorrow.

If you’re curious, you can click here and see tomorrow’s lesson now. Otherwise, I’ll meet you back right here with another awesome idea to sell even more bottles.


Jon & Bianca

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