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Written by
Jon and Bianca
July 17, 2022

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like Google only cares about the big guys and ignores you?

It can make you feel irrelevant even when you know you’re not. The problem is that most local liquor companies are trying to fight head-to-head against much larger brands and that’s a very hard game to win.

The good news is, there’s a new way for local liquor companies to move bottles where the national brands can’t compete because they are too rigid and impersonal.

What do you have that the national brands do not? Your core values and your local story.

How do you feel when you’re hanging out with your friends and you’ve got something new and awesome to share with them? It feels awesome to introduce people to cool stuff, right?

How much better would it be if you were introducing them to something that represents your values, your hometown… something that represents you?

National brands can’t do this because they don’t share your values and they don’t have your story.

How do you build a following that introduces your brand to their friends? You have to teach your story.

First, you hook them with a brand that stands for your core beliefs.

Then we put your values into a story that we tell on your website.

Then we use our local marketing magic to drive traffic to your site.

We’ll make sure we’re collecting email addresses as people visit your site so we can continue to build your like-minded tribe.

And, since we specialize in marketing for local spirits brands, we make sure that you have easy, safe, and legal ways for people to buy your bottles online.

The end result… You have a loyal and raving fanbase loving your liquor while you make the industry giants look outdated, bland, and boring.

If you’re curious, you can click here and see tomorrow’s lesson now. Otherwise, I’ll meet you back right here with another awesome idea to sell even more bottles.


Jon & Bianca

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