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3-Step Success Guide for Improving Your Email Marketing

Even if you are just getting started

There are many ways to build your list and multiple strategies you can use to do so.

You shouldn’t just ask people to sign up for your newsletter or email list on your website and expect your email list to grow. You need to actively adopt multiple strategies to grow your list.

Take a look inside 3 examples of our best-performing email list growth campaigns.

Quiz Funnel

How does the Quiz Funnel Work?

Quizzes are a hot lead magnet tool because they can be used to add new leads to your email list or nurture existing subscribers by providing value.

With the use of a quiz funnel, you can market to customers very effectively by tailoring your content and offers to their quiz results.

Basically, you direct your website visitors to a page with the quiz. People take the quiz and provide their contact information (email address) to see the results after answering a series of questions.


Why is a Quiz Funnel so effective?

We came up with a Quiz with 5-10 questions about things people like to eat and drink. And at the end, we recommend the best cocktail according to the person's taste.

A lot of times distilleries have their own signature cocktails in their tasting room. When you do a Quiz the results will be the names of the cocktails made with your craft spirit.

We promote the Quiz by running ads on social media. And at the end of the Quiz, the Quiz takers see a result page that says “Come in and try the cocktail and enjoy a 5 dollar discount by showing the Quiz result.”

Magic Email

What is Magic e-Mail and how does it work?

Magic e-Mail is a service that collects the emails of the majority of anonymous website visitors and adds them to your email list so you can nurture them. Yes, you read that right. You will collect the email of people who are just visiting the website.

To start collecting emails, all you have to do is ask your developer to add the Javascript Code Snippet to a specific website page. (Note that the page where the code is installed needs to have an age gate so you don’t collect emails from under-aged people.)

Once the script is installed on your website, it begins to gather emails and put them in your database. As a rule of thumb, it gets about ⅓ of all website traffic and will not collect emails from people who are already in your email database.

After you get the subscribers on your list, you follow up with a series of offers to start a relationship with them.

Why is a Magic e-Mail so effective?

Example of the first send after email capture 👇

How many emails can you get with Magic e-Mail and how much does it cost?

From our experience, we collected 1000 emails in 6 months with an investment of $0.25 per email. The more website visits you have, the lower the cost per email.

QR Code

How does the QR code work to collect emails?

You can easily use a QR code to gather emails by including it on napkins, or coasters at you location or stickers at on and off-premise events. Then, once scanned, users will then visit a specific landing to subscribe to your email list.

Why is a QR code so effective?

You can encourage people to leave their emails by having a raffle of some of your merch or a distillery tour. Or connect the QR code to the Quiz page on your website we mentioned above.

Example QR Code👇

How many emails can you get with QR Code and how much does it cost?

Depending on the incentive, which is different for everybody, you can potentially collect hundreds of emails absolutely for free.


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